Enikő Bali

Geologist, Current residence: Reykjavík, Iceland (Home: XV. district (Rákospalota), Budapest, Hungary)


This web site contains the most important professional and personal data about me. 





e-mail: eniko at hi.is

phone: 00354 - 525 4148



My major research interests are igneous and metamorphic petrology and geochemistry, particularly fluid-rock interaction in the mantle and  the crust of the Earth



Links on the left hand side contain the following information:

CV - My professional data concerning my education and work; long and boring, it is only for those people who would be interested in employing me in the future 


Publication list- Still very professional, but it can be helpful for those geoscientists who have similar research interest.


Some simple information regarding my major scientific interest. In order to better understand I included some reference links mainly from Wikipedia.

                   Upper mantle xenoliths - Some basic information about 

                   these rocks even for non-geologists


                   Fluid and melt inclusions - what they are and what they

                   can be used for


                   High pressure and temperature experiments - Some

                   basic information on the rationale and how do we do them


Links for people with geoscience interest


Travel - Places worth visiting in Hungary and Iceland  






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