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Geologist, Current residence: Reykjavík, Iceland (Home: XV. district (Rákospalota), Budapest, Hungary)

Students graduated under my (at least partial) supervision:

(see at skemman and opinvisindi (Ph.D. dissertations))


BS level:

Bryndís Ýr Gísladóttir: Pyroxene chemistry in the ankaramite of the Hamragarðaheiði quarry, Iceland. pp 49

Regína Ósk Einarsdóttir: Study of complex clinopyroxene zonation patterns from Búðahraun alkali basalt. pp. 31.

Kjartan Björgvin Kristjánsson: Samanburður á bergfræði og kristöllunarhitastigi þriggja hrauna úr Eyjafjallajökli. pp. 35. (co-supervised with Ármann Höskuldsson)



BS level:

Þrúður Helgadóttir: Comparative analysis of plagioclase in the Eyjafjöll ankaramites. pp. 63.

Viktor Þór Georgsson: Chemical and thermal analysis of troctolite, Hamragarðaheiði, Eyjafjöll, Iceland. pp. 44. 

Haraldur Sigurjónsson: Composition of garnets in the fossil geothermal system of Hafnarfjall. pp. 34.  (co-supervised with Hjalti Franzson)


MS level:

Haraldur Gunnarsson: Volatile (H2O, CO2, S, Cl) concentration in magma of the Veiðivötn fissure swarm. A study on melt inclusions in plagioclase, olivine and clinopyroxene. pp. 185.

Ngereja Myabi Mgejwa: Sub-surface geology, petrochemistry and hydrothermal alteration of Wells MW-03, MW-09 and MW-20 from Menengai geothermal field, Kenya.  pp. 154 (co-supervised with Björn S. Harðarson and Anette K. Mortensen)



BS level:

Helga Kristín Torfadóttir: Comparative analysis of alkali basalt outcrops from Stóridalur at Eyjafjöll. pp. 46.



MS level:

Bryndís Ýr Gísladóttir: Magma sotrage conditions below Eyjafjöll, based on clinopyroxene macrocrysts and gabbro xenoliths from Seljajandsheiði and Brattaskjól, Iceland. pp. 197.

Morgan R. Haldeman: Degassing-induced crystallization in subaerial and submarine basaltic lavas. pp.  131(co-supervised with Thorvaldur Thordarson and Maria Janebo)

Ingibjörg Andrea Bergþórsdóttir: The role of apatite in Hekla magmas, trace element partitioning between minerals and melt. pp.113 (co-supervised with Olgeir Sigmarsson)


BS level: 

Glúmur Björnsson: High-temperature experimental study of olivine-hosted melt inclusions from Hvammsnúpur. pp. 45 (co-supervised with Alberto Caracciolo)


MS level:

Viktor Þór Georgsson: Origin of troctolites from Seljalandsheiði and Hrólfsvík, Iceland. pp. 112.

Dario Ingi Di Rienzo: A petrological and geochemical study of a bimodal magmatic sequence from the Abaya volcanic area, Southern Main Ethiopian Rift. pp. 189 (co-supervised with Sæmundur Ari Halldórsson and Snorri Guðbrandsson)



MS level:

Maria Monika Repczyńska: Petrogenesis of subglacial pillow lavas from the flanks of the Bárðarbunga volcano in the Vonarskarð valley. pp. 147 (co-supervised with Sæmundur Ari Halldórsson)


PhD level:

Paavo Nikkola: From partial melting to lava emplacement: the petrogenesis of some Icelandic basalts. pp. 114. Ph.D. Ph.D. committee member (supervisors: Tapani Rämö and Thorvaldur Thordarson) 



MS level:

Byron Fabian Pilicita Masabanda: Hydrothermal alteration in the ASK-57 and ASK-86 exploratory wells at Hoffell/Miðfell within the Tertiary Geitafell volcano. pp. 174 (co-supervisor: Guðmundur Heiðar Guðfinnsson)

Sigríður María Aðalsteinðóttir: The low temperature weathering of the Gronnedal-Ika carbonaite-alkaline silicate igneous complex in Southwest Greenland. pp. 81 (co-supervised with Gabrielle Stockmann, Erik Sturkell and Andri Stefánsson)

Fransie Williams: Petrography and geochemistry of hydrothermally altered rocks from core well ASK-86, Hoffell.  pp.  133 (co-supervised with Guðmundur Omar Fridleifsson)


PhD level:

Alberto CaraccioloTemporal evolution of crystal mush reservoirs beneath the Bárðarbunga- Veiðivötn volcanic system, Iceland. pp. 140 (co-supervisors: Maren Kahl and Guðmundur Heiðar Guðfinnsson) - (thesis with supplementary files will be freely available from 31.07.2022)

Geoffrey Kiptoo Mibei: The magmatic evolution, eruptive history and geothermal reservoir assessment of the Paka volcanic complex, Northern Kenya rift. pp. 204 (co-supervisors: Hjalti Franzson, Björn S. Harðarson, Halldór Geirsson) (thesis with supplementary files will be freely available from 31.10.2023)



MS level:

Vivi Dewi Mardiana Nusantara: Borehole geology of Well HLS-EX Hululais geothermal field, Sumatra Island, Indonesia. pp. 106 (co-supervisor: Tobias Björn Weisenberger)
PhD level:
Bianca Németh: Detailed study on fluid-rock interaction in lower crustal garnet granulite xenoliths. pp 130, + references and appendix. (PhD committee member, main supervisors: Csaba Szabó and Kálmán Török) in Hungarian with English abstract.


BS level:

Sóley Melkorka Johnson: Reconstruction of melt inclusion minimum CO2 contents from the fire fountaining phase of the 2021 Fagradalsfjall eruption (co-supervisor: Alberto Caracciolo)

Daniel Peturson: A microprobe study of Scoria and Clinopyroxene during the 1724-29 Mývatn Fires. (co-supervisor: Sæmundur Ari Halldórsson)


MS level:

William Charles Wenrich: Origin of gabbro and anorthosite mineral clusters in Fagradalsfjall lavas. pp 131. (co-supervisor: Edward W. Marshall IV)

Kate Jessica Carroll: A microprobe study of glass and minerals from the 1975-1984 Krafla Fires, NE Iceland: Implications fro multiple magma reservoirs. pp 66. (co-supervisor Sæmundur Ari Halldórsson)

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